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There are many routes to delivering Software Asset Management (SAM) for your organization, from performing every task in-house to outsourcing the whole program. But which approach is right for you?

With software spend continuing to rise, new ways to deploy and consume applications and more people empowered to make technology purchasing decisions, the need for Software Asset Management (SAM) in your organization is greater than ever.

At the same time, there’s both a confusion as to what ‘good SAM’ looks like as well as a global shortage in the availability of key SAM skills, from best practices and program management to tools administration, licensing expertise and data processing know-how.

To achieve SAM success, most organizations (even if you've invested in a SAM tool) need to partner with an external technology and/or services provider.  But what type is right for you? 


Our guide will help you understand the different types of SAM partner available to you and how to select the right one for your individual needs and circumstances. 

Our experts explore the pros and cons of different types of SAM partners and provide you with the questions that you need to ask both your potential partners and yourself. 


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Who is Livingstone?

Since 2010, large and complex organizations around the world have trusted us to help reduce their software licensing costs and risks. Our global team of 70+ SAM professionals and software licensing experts, backed-up with our own in-house optimization technologies, help internal SAM owners and teams overcome skills gaps and tool shortcomings, delivering reliable and actionable SAM intelligence that drives bottom-line savings.