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Optimizing License Spend and Avoiding Risk can be tricky in software asset management.
This essential report explores the increasing challenges in software asset management and audit risk mitigation, and how you can tackle them.

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Livingstone in collaboration with Tech Pros have engaged with prominent industry leaders to explore invaluable guidance for organizations facing similar challenges with spend optimization and avoiding audit risk. 

Now, we're delighted to unveil the Market View Report we've been behind the scenes in creating - Battling the Tech Vendors: Optimising License Spend and Avoiding Audit Risk which explores the challenges of software asset management and audit risk mitigation in depth.


Fill out the form and we'll send you access to this report which covers:

  • Thoughts from Livingstone about the current state of play in the software asset management industry
  • Market Views from IT industry leaders
  • Six Tips for Optimizing License Spend and Avoiding Audit Risk
  • The rising importance of strategic software asset management for IT budget optimisation
  • Proven tactics for efficient software licence negotiation and management
  • Methods to reduce audit risks and ensure compliance in a complex technological landscape
  • Current trends in software expenditure and the impact of cloud services on businesses
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