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Livingstone’s unique approach to delivering Software Asset Management success – whether in the form of a one-time audit defense project, or a multi-year multi-vendor managed services engagement – is built around our proprietary Luce platform.

It is the core technology in our People, Processes and Technology methodology that has delivered tens of millions in tangible cost and risk savings to large and complex organizations around the world.

Owned and managed by our global team of experts, Luce is key to frictionless and fast:

  • Collection & cleansing of raw inventory data from multiple sources
  • Upload & processing of license entitlements
  • Preparation of Effective License Positions
  • Management reporting & delivery of optimization recommendations




For you, Livingstone Luce removes the need to worry about drawn-out and expensive SAM tools selection processes, instead enabling stakeholders to concentrate on delivering value to the organization:

  • Compliance & audit defense
  • License & subscription optimization
  • Cloud migration planning

It also means that you don’t need to wait for new hardware to be purchased and commissioned, to deploy SAM tools or deploy new client agents across sensitive parts of the network. Livingstone Luce means SAM programs start delivering results in weeks, not years.

But Livingstone Luce is only one-third of the story. Livingstone boasts the largest dedicated team of Software Portfolio Management experts and licensing specialists in the world, working with organizations in high-risk sectors such as Government, Banking, Insurance, Retail and Manufacturing.

To see how our team delivers SAM success built on the Luce platform, let our experts walk you through a presentation of the scope of our services and the Luce platform




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Why Livingstone

Livingstone Group are the leading independent, global provider of Software Portfolio Management & Optimization services. 

We help our clients optimize their software and cloud portfolio to avoid unnecessary cost and risk, whilst driving value from their investments throughout their lifecycle. We have a strong track record of delivering proven up front savings that average 38%. Our Trustworthy Data and Lifecycle services help clients maintain these savings through control, mitigation of business risks and our Optimization services continue to deliver value from their IT investments.